Commercial & Infrastructure
Metpro have the capability to track projects in the Commercial & Infrastructure sector.

High Rise Construction
Foundations/Ports & Jetties

High Rise Buildings
The Metpro team has a great deal of experience in supplying material into the High Rise Construction Industry and appreciates that steel is always on the critical path. We are therefore able to supply all steel items required from the ground up from Mill production with the possibility to supply urgent front end and tail end requirements from Stock.

Sheet Piles for initial civil excavation and ground retention
Sheet Piles for the Basement Levels/underground Car Parks
Bearing Piles for ground stabilisation
Structural Beams and Columns for the main Construction
 Structural Steel Decking
Cladding products

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Metpro is able to provide all the necessary steel products required for your construction needs. We have access to competitive sources of supply and select the most appropriate mill for the required application.

Sheet, Tubular and Bearing Piles
Structural Hollow Sections
Beams and Columns
Structural Plate
Bar and Cable Systems

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Foundations/Ports & Jetties
We are able to provide all of your steel requirements, whatever the project specifics. We have significant experience in supplying Foundation Products, and are able to work with your estimators and designers in order to work towards the most efficient design possible for your project. By utilising our strong mill relationships we are able to provide a very competitive supply solution.

Steel Sheet Piles (Z and U sections)
Bearing Piles (ASTM, BS4 and EN types)
Tubular Piles (LSAW and Spiral in diameters up to 3.5 metres)
Monopiles (up to 5 metres in diameter)
Reinforcing Bar & Mesh

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